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Review: The Change-Up

Hollywood’s coolest funny guys team up for a cliche body swapping storyline, but with added humour.



Cashing in on the highly popular A-Listers at the moment, Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds are two of the most highly sought after actors in Hollywood. So where can this go?

Mitch Planko (Reynolds) and Dave Lockwood (Bateman) are best friends since they were six. They went through school together, partied hard, but Dave decided to keep his head down and study hard to become a lawyer that’s stretched to the max, while settling down with his gorgeous wife Jamie (Leslie Mann) and have 3 children. Mitch took the party routine and lives his life to the max, dropping out of high school to become a stoner by day with a completely foul mouth and no sense of politeness and decency, and  an “actor” of ‘Lorno”, a term of porno where you keep your pants on. He also continues to get laid by beautiful women with an extra kinky side.

One night, Dave and Mitch watch a baseball game at the bar, getting extremely drunk. While discussing each others good and not-so-good lives, they go for a stroll and urinate in a fountain which later on, turns out to have mystical powers. Upon urinating and mentioning that they want each other’s lifestyles at the same time, a power outage hits the city for a brief moment. When waking up the next day, Mitch and Dave magically have switched bodies. Mitch in Dave’s, and Dave in Mitch’s. While the real world sees them as normal, the only way you can tell who is whom, is by their personality. Dave – the body –   has suddenly become a foul-mouthed, sleazy father who doesn’t give a shit, and Mitch – the body – is a very shocked and polite person who stands out from the weird and wacky world that normal Mitch would live in.

While Mitch is in Dave’s body, he meets Dave’s Assistant, Sabrina (Olivia Wilde), a highly attractive and single woman who slaves away to Dave’s work ethics, but wants to let her hair down. Meanwhile, Mitch discovers while Dave may have the perfect picket fence life, Dave’s wife admits that the family is falling apart, while trying to juggle the children and their mishaps. On the other side, Dave in Mitch’s body, tries to enjoy Mitch’s party life, but realises it may not be for him as Mitch has a bizzare kinky and lazy life. Mitch’s Dad (Alan Arkin) considers him a lay-about and a quitter. So while they find out more personally about each other, they try to turn each other’s lives around for the better.

With several comedy notches under each of their belts, Bateman with Arrested Development, Horrible Bosses, Juno, Hancock, Couples Retreat, The Switch, and Reynolds with Van Wilder, The In-Laws, Buying The Cow, Just Friends, Green Lantern, this film only holds up together when Reynolds goes from potty mouth to Bateman going foul mouthed. With the odd boob shot and bum exposure, The Change-Up is as close to a guys version of a chick flick with funny results. Bateman and Reynolds have fantastic comedic timing, but are partially wasted in this film… they can be used again, but for something else more stronger. Not sure what it is, but it’ll be out there.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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