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Review: Blue Heelers Complete Collection

It all happens in the small country town of Mount Thomas.



Welcome to Mount Thomas. Population 7805. Located in regional Victoria. Beautiful landscapes and fauna. Crime Capital of Australia. There’s no rest for the wicked. Just ask Senior Sergeant Tom Croydon and his fellow Officers at the Mount Thomas Police Station.

From 1994 to 2006, the Australian crime-drama series Blue Heelers dominated our television screens. We followed the lives of the Police Officers of Croydon, P.J. Hasham, Maggie Doyle, Nick Schultz, Ben Stewart and many others who came through the rotating front door of the station, as well as the citizens of Mount Thomas, like The Imperial publican Chris Riley.

On a weekly basis, Mount Thomas lived through vast crimes and actions, like kidnapping, blackmail, assault, and homicides. The ‘Blue Heelers’ were always on the go, trying to solve and clean up the town, all while trying to keep the peace.

The multiple Logie Award winning series shown on Channel 7 lasted 510 episodes over fourteen seasons, making household names of John Wood, Martin Sacks, Lisa McCune, William McInnes, Julie Nihill, Jane Allsop and Grant Bowler, amongst many others to name.

Thanks to ViaVision Entertainment, the ultimate boxset for the dedicated fan has been released. The Blue Heelers: Complete Collection is 134 DVDs containing all 510 episodes into the one set, just in time for the holiday season. You can now relive the happiness and tragedies, such as;

  • The very first day that Maggie Doyle arrives in Mount Thomas
  • The relationships, love triangles and affairs
  • The subsequent departures of beloved fan favourites
  • Tom Croydon’s life falling apart
  • A love child
  • The infamous bombing of the police station

The Blue Heelers: Complete Collection is presented in 4:3 ratio for Seasons One to Nine, and 16:9 ratio for Seasons Ten to Fourteen.


With a handful of bonus features, such as commentaries by John Wood and Producer David Clarke for episodes “Good Cop Bad Cop” and “Luck Of The Draw”, Photo Galleries and the full uncut 2004 live episode “Reasonable Doubts” (unfortunately, the pre-Special “Countdown To Blue Heelers Live” hosted by Erik Thomson has not been included), this boxset is an absolute must for any Blue Heelers fan.

Blue Heelers: Complete Collection is currently $499 RRP, but you might find it a little cheaper if you shop around.

Available through ViaVision Entertainment.

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