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Redhead Power: Top 10 Redheaded Superheroes

A plethora of red hair…



Not sure if you have noticed or not but redheaded female superheroes have rocked the socks off the comic book world for years!

Since they are by far the coolest characters – I thought it was worth a little top 10 list, but this time it’s not just about the breasts. ūüėČ

¬† 10.¬†April O’Neil:¬†Archie Comics- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures, 1985

Watch out, this one comes out of her shell fighting!

April can be described as your classic strong willed lady who kept getting involved in the adventures of the Ninja Turtles, but instead of simply becoming a freaky love interest she eventually became a katana wielding ninja in her own right, trained by Master Splinter.

She was a little late to the butt kicking game, but come on? She eventually came a ninja warrior. So for this reason she has made it to the #10 spot. Who knows maybe she inspired Uma Thurman’s character in Kill Bill, they both wear yellow?




9. Medusa: Marvel Comics- Fantastic Four #36, 1965

Bring a few hairnets to an engagement with this fierce redhead!

Medusa earns a spot on this list for an obvious reason her weaponized locks. Her hair not only wins over the hearts of those brave enough to fall for her it enables her psychokinetic abilities. She can animate her lovely red locks for any purpose imaginable; whether it is as a rope to tie people up, lifting heavy objects or as a whip just to name a few. Every strand is stronger than iron wire and she has a psionic force that protects her scalp, head, and neck from being injured by the different ways she finds it necessary to use it.

In addition to her fantastic hair, being an inhuman  provides her with enhanced reflexes and endurance, and enhanced speed and strength giving her advantages over even the ever so perfect Captain America.



8. Batwoman: DC Comics- Detective Comics #233,  1956- 1979, reappearing, 52 #7, 2006

Do not get interrogated by this one!

Batwoman As a genuine member of the human race Batwoman beats out Medusa obtaining the #8 spot.

There are no superhuman powers at work here Batwoman kicks butt and occasionally saves Batman’s ares with her stealth, advanced hand-to-hand combat and acrobatic skills. She also supports the efforts of the Bat family with her advanced investigation techniques, the fantastic results of her background in forensic science, law, behavioral science and criminology.

Her 5’10, muscular frame coupled with her educational background in behavioral science makes her a fantastic interrogator, she can successfully extract information without the need for torture or maiming.


 7.  Red Sonja: Marvel Comics/ Dynamite Entertainment, Conan the Barbarian #23, 1973

Check out this fancy Barbarian!

After witnessing the murder of her family and surviving horrific abuse by her families killers this strong willed redhead had revenge running through her veins. She was lucky enough to catch the attention of the red goddess Scathach who instilled in her expert weapons handling skills, with special attention being paid to the sword. This perfect human specimen is not only an expert sword handler but, expert at martial arts, and knows what it takes to fight the supernatural.

This She-Devil can hold her own, in a killer way and it is for this reason she makes it to the #7 spot.



6. Pepper Potts: Marvel Comics, Tales of Suspense #45, 1963

Never underestimate the Executive Assistant!

Pepper Potts is not your normal superhero; she starts her career as secretary at Stark Industries which eventually leads her to saving Starks ares after she corrects an accounting error that could have been the end of his reign. Thus beginning the trusting relationship between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. Pepper was also part of the government sanctioned superhero team called The Order and assumes the name Hera. In this role she uses advanced computer hardware and prosthetics to monitor The Order’s missions.

As a result of her professional relationship to Stark, Pepper gets caught in a terrorist explosion resulting in internal injuries, including shrapnel wounds. These injuries force Tony to act fast. In an effort to save her life he embeds a strong magnet in her chest turning her into a cyborg to stay alive.

As a result of her new cyborg status Pepper gains new abilities including; improved hearing, ability to sense electromagnetic fields and using them to levitate her body. In this role she also operates Rescue, a Stark-tech armor flight suit allowing her to save Iron Mans butt.

For these reasons Pepper totally deserves the #6 spot on this list of awesome redheads.


5. Poison Ivy: DC Comics, Batman #181, 1966

Pucker up; this redhead has a killer kiss!

Poison IvyAfter surviving the toxin of poisonous herbs, Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley learns she is immune to all natural toxins and diseases encouraging her to alter the direction of her life. She begins to study advanced botanical biochemistry under Dr. Jason Woodrue who seduces her and injects her with poisons and toxins as an experiment. This coupled with the trauma related to this betrayal ultimately leads to her transformation to Poison Ivy.

Poison Ivy is an eco-terrorist and is obsessed with the environment. She uses advanced seduction techniques and pheromones on both men and women to kill them, gain mind control, or both. She is happy to harm anyone who hurts mother-nature and in most cases she administers her toxins via venomous kiss.

Despite being a villain this giant plant’s killer seduction techniques land her in the middle of the group at #5.


4. Mystique: Marvel Comics, Ms. Marvel #16, 1978

Do not be fooled, she is not a large Smurf!

mystique1Mystique makes it to the #4 spot because of her unsurpassed metamorphic abilities, being able to alter her biological cells at will, resulting in an exact copy of any human/ humanoid of either gender, clothing and all. Her ability to morph into someone else does not end at looks as she can precisely duplicate anyone’s retina pattern, finger, palm, and skin pore patterns, and voice allowing her access anywhere the poor person she has morphed into has. After being exposed to high levels of radiation Mystique developed new abilities, which include: night vision, wings, talons, sharp fangs, and natural body armor.

In addition to her metaphoric abilities Mystique has accelerated healing, she is resistant to toxins and diseases, and does not age. Her combat skills and marksmanship are considered at the expert level giving her an advantage over most.  She is a trained actress and is fluent in at least eleven languages; both those skills come in handy when she is taking ownership over someone’s life.

So keep an eye peeled for your doppelgänger, and if you find it RUN!


3. Black Widow: Marvel Comics-Tales of Suspense #52, 1964

Do not get trapped in the web of this black widow!

This lovely arachnid could offer up several unbeatable ways to kick your butt into next week! As an expert martial artist with focuses in judo, karate, ninjitsu, aikido, savate, boxing, and a kung fu or two; she will probably find it most difficult to figure out what move she will have most fun taking you out with. As well as being an expert at the above fighting techniques she is a world-class gymnast, acrobat, and aerialist. Oh, and as her Russian heritage would demand an accomplished ballerina.

Do not go signing up for karate just yet, Black Widow’s physical and mental abilities have been enhanced beyond human limits with the help of the Super-Soldier Serum. Also, as a result of biotechnological enhancements she does not age (every woman’s dream), is not susceptible to diseases and heals at a superhuman rate.

As one of the greatest spies ever, a member of S.H.I.E.L.D, and the Avengers this redhead finds herself at the #3 spot.


2. Jean Grey: Marvel Comics X-Men #1, 1963

Do not forget to wear your aluminum hat around this fierce redhead!

don't forget you aluminum hat!

Her telepathic and telekinetic abilities are well honed. The cliff notes version: she can use her telepathic abilities to construct a psychic shield protecting herself and the minds of others, she can create a telepathic cloak which makes the use of her abilities undetectable by others with similar abilities, and she can rearrange ‚Äúmental engrams‚ÄĚ of mutants so their thoughts are undetectable by Cerebro-type machines and other telepaths.

She can use her telepathy to create illusions, thus creating false realities for people, as well as, being able to alter the physical appearance of herself and others by altering the perception of those around her. Finally, lets not forget her ability to telepathically manipulate the minds of others through the use of mind control, mind possession, mental paralysis, mind transferral, and mind linking just to name a few.  Oh and she has remarkable telekinetic abilities as well. Just go ahead and Google that list haha.

So to sum it up: Jean Grey is powerful and for that reason she has made it to the #2 spot.


1.  Barbara Gordon: Batgirl/ Oracle- DC Comics #359, 1967

BatgirlThere are no mutant powers at work here!

Barbara Gordon is hands-down the most badass redhead superhero of them all taking on the aliases of Batgirl and Oracle. Barbara’s obsession with Batman led her to  martial arts training, becoming proficient in dragon style kung fu, judo, stick fighting, as well as, boxing.  She is also fantastic investigator; being trained by batman himself, has an eidetic memory, and is VERY stealthy!

In addition to her physical capabilities, Barbara also has a genius-level intellect she regularly uses as Oracle with her expert computer hacking skills, hacking into even the most high-tech security systems. She is not only the most computer literate member of the Bat-family but also the most skilled worldwide, and has come to the aid of many superheroes.

OracleFinally unlike the rest of the women on this list, as well as, most superheroes in general Barbara overcame what could have been a devastating blow to her crime fighting days after she was shot by the Joker and paralyzed. After only a brief bit of depression Barbara shot back into the crime fighting scene like a bullet, as Oracle, the computer genius, becoming a great asset to the superhero world.

For these reasons and many others Barbara Gordon has made it to the #1 spot on this list of awesome redheaded superheroes.




So that is it! Those are my top 10 redheaded female superheroes. Do you agree or am I way off?  Did I miss anyone?



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TMNT- April O’Neil


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