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Re-live 2008 by Gatecrashing Corey’s Party

You’ve been invited to the ultimate party – just don’t forget your glasses.



You’ve been invited to the ultimate party – just don’t forget your glasses.

Remember the days when teenage angst was just something you would see on the silver screen in the form of warm apple pie, and drunken shenanigans at frat houses? If we can take you back to 2008, it all exploded from someone’s front lawn.

While his parents weren’t home, teenage party animal Corey Worthington made a name for himself when he had a few mates around for a house party on January 12, 2008. By “few”, we mean a shitload. Party-crashers trashed the Narre Warren suburban home and damaging properties around the street when Worthington promoted the party via social media sites MySpace and Facebook. It eventually came to a halt when the Victorian Police turned up. But the damage was done.

Over the next few days, Worthington received media coverage and responded with a ‘Don’t give a shit’ attitude. The clincher was when he was interviewed by Leila McKinnon on Channel 9’s A Current Affair, where he refused to take of his sunglasses.

One who loves to seize 15 minutes, Agent to the Stars Max Markson signs Worthington up to release a single – a cover of The Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right (To Party).

Yes – it happened. Luckily, the song didn’t go anywhere. However, Worthington did – making an appearance on Big Brother Australia as an intruder.

After that experience, he ran afoul of the law again, damaging a friend’s property, got in a fight, and cleaned himself up by becoming an ‘Entrepreneur’ and getting married.

But now, 10 years have nearly passed, and thanks to Facebook, a tongue-in-cheek group invite event is doing the rounds, promoting a “reunion” of sorts.

The meme page ‘I saw a UFO and nobody believes meme‘ has created the event, and posted the following:

Hey guys, hope you’re all well.
As I’m sure you’re well aware, we’re approaching 10 years since that rager at Corey’s place. Thought we could all reunite for a little catch up, 10 years on!

Would love to see how we all are, so feel free to bring your partner and/or kids along. It’ll be BYO again and if you could each bring a plate of something as well that would be fantastic.

Still sorting out entertainment for the night, at the moment we’ve locked in some big names from that era that have stood the test of time; Operator Please, The Potbelleez, Sam Sparro, Gabriella Cilmi and DJs will be spinning the Ministry of Sound 2008 annual (loads more TBA).

In regards to location, we’re still waiting on confirmation from Corey that this is actually happening, but it’ll be somewhere in Narre Warren again.

RSVP asap and easy on plus 1’s, as per usual.

Errrr… yeah…

Knock yourself out and have a laugh at the comments here.

If you want to experience your own party at home, enjoy the soundtrack featuring Operator Please, The Potbelleez, Gabriella Cilmi and Sam Sparro via Spotify or YouTube.


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