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Rage Again

Missed an episode of Rage? You can still Rage again.



For over 25 years, Government funds TV channel ABC to schedule music TV show Rage, keeping party people energized, insomniacs wake, and stoners.. stoned just that little bit longer.

From late Friday nights to early Saturday mornings, then late Saturday nights to early Sunday mornings, Rage entertains Australians with non-stop music of all genres. Occasionally the show will have a special guest to host an episode, who would also choose their own playlist. Usually the gold would be around the 2:30 – 3am time slot. ¬†Each Friday, the playlist for the weekend pops up on the Rage site for everyone to oogle over so they know whether to record or pull an ‘all nighter’ to watch.

But sometimes, you’d skip a weekend and forget to watch AND record a playlist. Thanks to the power of the internet, you print out that night’s playlist and hit up YouTube to combine your list, visually. This can take hours to do. But guess what? Some genius has done it for you – online – using your personal computer.

Web designer Patrick Galbraith has managed to formulate the Rage playlists available from the official Rage website, and calibrating a database with YouTube, blend it in to one area: RAGEagain.

From Patrick’s own site:

Since 1998 rage has posted all their episode playlists online. So I created a website that combines these playlists with YouTube allowing you to travel back through time and re-experience rage’s recent history.

Please note: all the matching of track to video is done programmatically so some tracks particularly older ones may not be available (depending on whether someone has uploaded them).

Even though the show has run since 1987, the playlists on the website date back the earliest to 1998. To use RAGEagain, make sure your browsers and Flash are up to date, your video card can handle full screen video, and a decent internet connection with desirable bandwidth. With 1680 playlists and 269,938 tracks, you can’t miss a thing!

Site: RAGEagain

Site: Official ABC RAGE

Just be careful – don’t get RickRoll’d.


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