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Play With The Boys. Over and over and over etc.

Quench your unlimited love for Top Gun, Kenny Loggins and beach volleyball.



Sometimes you have to stand aside and give a good, hard look at yourself and wonder: “Can I get enough Maverick in my life?”. Well, someone out there on the interwebs has answered your call.

If you have the need – the need, for speed – of a different kind, then head on down to the oddball corner of the online universe and enjoy site Play With The Boys.

Don’t worry, it’s completely safe for work.

This umm… special… site has made an offering of a signature scene of the 1988 film Top Gun which made Tom Cruise a bigger household name and an iconic gay icon if he wasn’t already well established.

Game Designer Sam Strick explains his creation of Play With The Boys.

So, if you are willing to watch the one scene on constant loop with 80s rock legend Kenny Loggins blasting through your speakers, or prank your work colleague a la RickRolling, click away. But if you just simply want to see the one scene, click below and think about your manliness.

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