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Perth Mint release collectable Simpsons Coins



Just when you think that the world’s favourite animated family The Simpsons couldn’t go any further with merchandise and products slapped with their name across it, they manage to go one further.

Over the 30 year period, we’ve seen board games, VHS / DVD / Blu-Ray collections, figurines, clothing, comics, tazos, utensils, albums, edibles, a house, a car, and chewable morphine, and now we get coins.

Sure, there’s been numerous amounts of collector coins around, but these are extra special as they are produced by Perth Mint in Australia.

Over the course of 2019 and releasing every 2 months, a collectors series of The Simpsons minted coins will be available to purchase via Perth Mint, in conjunction with 20th Century Fox.

While more coin designs from individual family members are being pressed, the high-quality coins do come with a decent price tag, so I wouldn’t be using these to buy a can of Buzz cola anytime soon.

Check out the collection at Perth Mint’s special Simpsons coin site here:

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