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‘Parge the Lath’ with The Simpsons

A throwback to script typos from The Simpsons writers prompts a throwback to an unseen extended joke.



One of the magical things with Twitter is if you follow the right people, you discover random behind-the-scenes photos, video or scripting of your favourite TV or movie.

In this case, The Simpsons veteran writers Josh Weinstein and Bill Oakley shared some early drafts of their script work, errors and all. Weinstein posted a photo of a typing error in the script for Episode 7 of the fourth season, where Marge works for Mr. Burns, but cops sexual harrassment.

This prompts Weinstein to dig up an early draft of the same episode, sharing one of the best classic Simpsons jokes of all time – Homer trying to save money by learning the half-assed approach to foundation repair when the house is sinking into the ground.

The scene in question is where Homer gets a VHS tape on how to patch up foundation, all with the help of Springfield’s favourite personality, Troy McClure. What we find even more amusing is that Oakley had to seek research at the library to get some accuracy on how to actually repair foundation.

Oh.. and PARGE the lathe?

For decades, I thought he said “barge the lathe”… it all makes sense now.

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