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Own Your Own Phil Hartman Artwork

You may remember him from TV and Film, but may not know his artwork.



Phil Hartman.

You may remember him from TV and Film, but may not know his artwork.

You loved him as ‘The Glue” on the long running U.S. sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live, with his Bill Clinton impression, Frozen Caveman Lawyer, The Anal-Retentive Chef, and many more. You also loved him as the dodgy lawyer Lionel Hutz and the movie celebrity-turned-dodgy fish fetish actor Troy McClure on the animated series The Simpsons. Not to forget the many co-star / support roles in So I Married An Axe Murderer, Small Soldiers, Jingle All The Way, NewsRadio and lots more.

But did you know the late, great Phil Hartman was a fantastic graphic designer and sketch artist before he hit Hollywood?

While the world lost the funny and talented person in 1998, Hartman was a pioneer in graphic design, having created album cover artwork for bands America, Steely Dan and Poco early in his evolving career. In 2002, Phil’s brother Paul Hartmann, released Flat TV, an album full of sketches which Phil recorded in the 1970s. Along with Flat TV, Phil had also drawn caricatures to represent his vision of Flat TV, which is also in the process of being turned into an animated movie since 2013.

But now, Paul has decided to sell off Phil’s original etchings, in print form.

There will be only 100 prints available at around $250US + postage. So if you’re a keen fan, send a message to the Phil Hartman Facebook page.

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