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Music Dump #1

Get through your weekend with some hand selected tunes: Rolling Stones, Kimbra & Abbe May.



Enough of the Biebers / Directioners / other petty excuses for music.  In order to try and expand various tastes and styles from the general music charts, how about you load your playlist with some hand-picked tunes you can practically get instantly. The choices will try and be as recent as possible, but there may be some classic tunes thrown in to liven up your mp3 player.

Disclaimer: affiliate iTunes links to the songs are to contribute to keep this website running, so Apple pay us – not you. 🙂

Rolling Stones – Doom and Gloom Doom and Gloom (Jeff Bhasker Mix) - Doom and Gloom - Single

The lead single from The Rolling Stones’ 50th Anniversary Album (and are going on tour) – not bad for a bunch of old farts who just won’t stop! Which is awesome! But this isn’t the regular single version – grab the Jeff Bhasker Mix which is amazing. See YouTube vid above.


Kimbra – Come Into My Head Come Into My Head - Vows (Australian Tour Edition)

Lifted from her debut album “Vows” – but the Australian Tour version, this is the latest single that has put Kimbra on the talent map of amazing performances and vocal cords any Australian / New Zealand Artist is to be apart of. With a dark video that matches the sensational beats of the song, it’s a winner and will get you singing in the street.


Abbe May – Taurus Chorus Taurus Chorus - Design Desire

With Aussie Indie rock goddess Abbe May releasing her new single Karmageddon (available November 9, 2012), take a step back to her very popular Taurus Chorus – lifted from her 2011 album Design Desire. It was that popular it’s donned the tune for the Australian Jagermeister TV commercial.


Thank us later…

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