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Moon Shining – The short film

A cheeky look at the historical moon landing with Stanley Kubrick at the helm – or was he?



For decades, there are conspiracies left, right and centre that the 1969 moon landing was completely fabricated from inside a movie studio. If it was all fake, then Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin should’ve won an Oscar for Best Actor. But then again with the internets, there are more resources and conspiracy videos to either support or deny the said claim.

But thanks to the desk of French filmmaker and mashup artist Fabrice Mathieu comes a top secret film where it all comes to … shine.

Fresh from his hit alien / blues mashup film, Mathieu reveals behind-the-scenes footage of acclaimed filmmaker Stanley Kubrick producing the moon landing from the very beginning. “Bullshit!” you say – but fast-forward 11 years later, all the clues were ‘right there’ in his 1980 film The Shining proving it was all a lie.

*rolls eyes*

Behind the scenes of the Moon Landing of Apollo 11 directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1969. Document classified Top Secret since 50 years… until now.

Check out Mathieu’s other creative mashup work on his Facebook page.

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