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Lovitz and Carvey Gamble on Themselves

Playing with yourself takes on a whole new meaning.



Playing with yourself takes on a whole new meaning.

Longtime friends and SNL alumni Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey have recently started their stand-up ‘Reunited’ show on the Las Vegas strip at the SLS, telling stories of their past and present.

While the shows have been sold out, what’s the next big thing to do before you hit up your performance? Attack the tables.

Upon reaching the Blackjack table, Lovitz whipped out his phone and hopped on to Periscope to stream what he saw before him and Carvey – images on themselves on the table. As they played away, the chips also featured promotional images of the two, helping promote the show.

As The Church Lady would say: “Well, isn’t that special?!”


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