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Kimbra: The Golden Echo

Golden Indeed! Indeed indeed indeed….



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This sophomore album from Kimbra can be compared to finding a golden nugget in a pile of pebbles.  It highlights her unique sound and legitimate vocal capabilities allowing her to stand out from the many no-talent vocalists we are so often tortured with these days, with their over processed music and synthesized vocals. The Golden Echo is like a modern take on 90’s music with echoes of artists like Prince (while he was weird), Mariah Carey (before she was extra weird) and Michael Jackson (while he was becoming weird). This album offers up hints of R&B and Soul with each song bring something a little fun and different to the table, after listening to it daily for a few weeks there are a few songs worth highlighting:

Carolina, the third track on the album is a favorite! Listening to it makes me want to jump in a candy apple red 1968 Mustang convertible with nothing but sunglasses and a headscarf to experience the freedom of driving nowhere and everywhere, in hopes for a new start. It has a fun and refreshing sound, with hopeful lyrics.

The next song that makes your ears smile and your heart jump is Love In High Places. This is a beautiful soulful song with an unexpected upbeat melody. At times the melody contradicts the meaningful lyrics which is a really nice quality, it keeps the mood fun while bringing lost emotions to the surface.

The last song I will spoil for you before you buy the album is bonus track #14 Sugar Lies. This is a fast paced fun, flirty song, that helps qualify that this album is a joy to listen to from start to finish.


That’s it! Check this album out on Spotify or do what I did and simply buy it!  You can find the album and more fun Kimbra items at the Kimbra Store <–click there,  and you can learn more about the lovely artist Here!

Enjoy 😉

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