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If I programmed rage for a night… Part One

If I programmed Rage for a night… the shit I’d get up to.



After a huge inspiration from a terrific playlist by the creators of Robot Chicken, I thought I’d be one of many rage fans to put together their own playlist.

I’ll link directly to the video, as some won’t be able to be embedded. Some my expire or get deleted after a period of time too. Just a heads up!


SEG ONE: Hey there, I broke into the ABC studios to host my own Raaaaaaagggggge! My personal duty is to entertain you, then bore you to shit, but you keep watching to see what else is up next when you’re too lazy to check the site or the iPhone app.

The first song I choose is one that is sure to annoy the hell out of you and put you off watching Rage tonight. It was the first CD single I bought when i was a kid. It was played on Video Hits a fair bit… *off camera: Am I allowed to say Video Hits?…. i’m not? oh shit… sorry!* then ended up being used for the Bugs Bunny Show when they dumped the hot chicks for hosts. Sophie Lee and Kate Fischer were great for pre-pubescent boys like myself. Straight after school I’d hurry home to do about 10 minutes of homework, then watch Bugs Bunny all afternoon, until my mum would come home from work and tell us off for being lazy. Anyway, here’s Doop – Doop.

DOOP – Doop

THE GRID – Swamp Thing

SEG TWO: Hey. if you’re watching this, you’re still watching Rage, and you got through those 2 ball tearers earlier. This next song is the ultimate dance song. not many people get sick of it. It was a sure-fire winner on a Contiki trip I went on a few years ago. I only had a certain alternate music collection that not many people liked, but peoples heads started bopping as soon as this came on. All the nationalities came together to unite for this one song. A peacekeeper if you will. Also, when it appears in teen movies, every school dance just happens to know the dance moves. Here’s Fatboy Slim with Rockafeller Skank.

FATBOY SLIM – Rockafeller Skank

FATBOY SLIM – Weapon Of Choice

FATBOY SLIM – Wonderful Night


SEG THREE: Oh, you’re still with me? I guess you’re like the shit so far. Here’s another. This next song, I briefly saw Recovery one early morning. I couldn’t remember who it was by, but the song was fucking awesome. This got me hooked into this artist so much, that I bought some of his back catalogue. Most of it was shit because it was mainly early techno, but this album this belongs to was a commercial success. I’ve seen him once in 2005. It was awesome. I bought his DVD music collection. My girlfriend at the time hated me for playing the same shit over and over again. We broke up a few months later. Fast forward a few years and she died in a car accident. Cancer killed her.

Here’s Moby’s Bodyrock.

MOBY – Bodyrock

MOBY – Extreme Ways

MOBY – Beautiful

SEG FOUR: Fuck, you’ve digested Fatboy Slim and Moby in one hit. Impressive… they’re pretty cool. Here’s some more old school stuff. This shit got me through high school. I hated high school. But I graduated with decent marks. Not good or bad, just survivable. Regurgitator were in the prime when their album Unit came out, and everyone wanted a copy. I told my friends to get it themselves. I was bashed that afternoon, t-shirt over the head routine. Bunch of cocks.


HAPPYLAND – Don’t You Know Who I Am?


SEG FIVE: Did that wake you up a bit? Well the next lot will put you to sleep. I don’t have anything to go with them, other than I get a kick of of them.

BETTY BOO – Doin’ The Do

BETTY BOO – Where Are You Baby?

BROS – When Will I Be Famous?


SEG SIX: You’re struggling through Rage right now. These next songs are courtesy of Molly Meldrum and the ever expanding Australian musical talent that is. Who remembers the dude with the wash-board abs, the lead singer who passed out getting a tattoo of a sun on his shoulder, and the singer-cum-Hey Hey co-host who had a mental breakdown? Here are their songs, in THAT order. Check the flipped screen shot at 1:11 during Say Goodbye. David Dixon’s ear ring switches ears.

PETER ANDRE – Funky Junky


JO BETH TAYLOR  – Prayer For Jane

SEG SEVEN: The next two songs are from the band Euphoria. These video clips are important to me. Mainly because I was a pre-pubescent boy who was taking a perve at Holly Garnett (the blonde chick). The clothes were basically near nude, and with a huge rack, would prance around so much, they’d do a slight jiggle… ummm.. just watch the videos. Apparently Holly killed herself in 2000. Damn shame… she’s hot. Sadly, Simon Baker appears in Love You Right.


EUPHORIA – Love You Right

MELISSA – Read My Lips


I think that’ll do until Part Two… there’s more gold. I’m just getting started.

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  2. Sarah Kelly

    May 30, 2011 at 4:48 am

    My nickname used to be Frankster!

  3. SusieD

    July 30, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    Aww, Holly Garnett killed herself??! That’s just awful. I thought she was just brilliant back then lip synch or no. (I was 13, don’t sue me!)

    Awesome list, totally dated of course but “all the stuff I used to love”. Except perhaps for the Peter Andre.

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