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Iconic Classic Aussie Fast Food Commercials

Hip. Hop. Hooray… now I’m hungry.



Shut up and take our money.You have to give credit where credit is due.

KFC Australia have been a tad hit-n-miss with their TV commercials to promote their foodie-wares, and lately their marketing campaigns have been using the ‘Shut up and take my money!” line commonly used as a catchphrase on social media (or for the nerd in us, from Futurama) and hitting the sweet spot.

A TV commercial being beamed into our lounge rooms is the spot promoting their gravy mashies – a ball of liquid potato and gravy coated in crumbs. A 15 second piece of bliss.  In the commercial, we see a non-speaking role of two rival mother / daughter groups who appear to have faced off at a sporting event. A bragging, spoilt daughter in a convertible shows off her trophy to the loser child and mother who pull up next to them in an SUV.

But then, the losing girl pulls out a box of gravy mashies, all while holding a subtle bitch-face, showing that she has the upper hand to the trophy, while the other girl in the convertible and mother look on in shock. All while Naughty By Nature‘s Hip Hop Hooray plays.


No doubt, this commercial is quickly becoming iconic, and could be easily placed on the list of other iconic Australian commercials from future past.

Just like Red Rooster‘s “Red Red Reddy Red Rooster” theme song.

As well as the McDonald’s Menu Song commercial, adapted from the U.S. commercial, with a customer reciting the entire menu in one breath.

Not to forget the life of Pizza Hut‘s Dougie the Pizza Boy, who worked hard delivering pizzas to earn a crust (Boom TISH), delivering to his family, celebrity homes, and the girl of his affection – Margaret.

While Pizza Haven loved large props to try and force you to spend a night in front of the box.

Not to forget, Sizzler rehashed a classic song from the 1960s to promote their food which wasn’t fully protected by a sneeze guard. But that didn’t stop you from gorging on cheese-bread and unlimited icecream.

What are the iconic fast food commercials you remember? Feel free to add your ones in the comments below.

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