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Hole In The Wall (2008)

Australia’s failed attempt at replicating a viral Japanese game show.



In 2008, YouTube had only been a couple of years old. It was the early days of videos going ‘viral’, and this game show originating from Japan was one of them.

The concept was pretty straight forward: two teams of three people need to manipulate their bodies to fit through a moving polystyrene wall which various shapes cut out of them. The puzzle wall is revealed to the contestants 3 seconds after they await their turn, and usually have 5 seconds to adjust themselves to fit through the holes. If they succeed, they would score points and win money for their chosen charity. If they failed, they would be dragged into a pool.


Hosted by Jules Lund, each 30 minute episode had a certain theme for their teams: ranging from Beauties vs The Beasts, AFL vs NRL, Brains vs Brawns, etc. Contestants representing were various TV, radio or sporting personalities from around Australia, with each team member wearing a silver shiny jumpsuit, helmet and padding.

Up to seven episodes were broadcast from August to September 2008, but was eventually shelved and disappeared due to low ratings, unable to fully replicate the viewership attention of the original viral videos.

One of the major criticisms (other than some unflattering uniform) was the repetitive and unfunny replays of the gameplay after the wall attempts were completed, which appeared to be only shown to pad time for each episode.