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Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds goes green for this DC Comic superhero movie.



Many comic book movies have major delays while trying to get made. These can start by getting a decent script, a studio to get something up and running, special effects that need to be created, or even finding the right talent.

The Green Lantern has hit so many set backs, I was surprised it was finally released. Clerks creator Kevin Smith was approached by Warner Bros  in 1997,then a script and Jack Black was attached to it in 2004. Then more script and talent issues for the next few years until now.

The movie begins with an origin narrated by Tomar-Re, played by Geoffrey Rush, who gives the run down on what the Green Lanterns are all about, and the green / yellow powers do. He also ends up being the teacher to our soon-to-be hero Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), a fighter pilot who has been chosen by the ring itself from a Green Lantern who has crash landed on Earth, Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison). Abin was doing his rounds when Parallax (voiced by Clancy Brown), the evil brain head dude escapes from a planet he has been trapped for, for millions of years. He tracks down Abin, who put him away in the first place, and mortally wounds him. The ring takes Abin to earth in an escape hatch, to be found later by Hal. Hal has issues of his own though,  as he’s had a falling out with co-worker and long time love interest Carol Ferris (Blake Lively). A recent flight trial that Jordan and Ferris have been on, has caused a falling out which Jordan refused to explain his reasons for crashing a jet fighter plane. Later on, the ring picks up Hal and transfers him to the crash site, and ends up getting the 4-1-1. Hal has lack of confidence as he has witnessed his father, a former fighter pilot, die in a plane explosion. Hal eventually takes the ring and is confused what to do with it.

Meanwhile, the military discover the crash site of Abin, and the body is taken to a research laboratory, where Dr Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) has been sent by his father, Senator Robert Hammond (Tim Robbins) to perform an examination. While dissecting, Hector is pricked by the injury Parallax has caused, infecting him with the power of fear (yellow). This gels with Hector’s DNA a la Spiderman, and ends up growing a large brain, filling up with intense power and mind reading abilities. After Hal works out how to use the ring, he transforms into The Green Lantern, and Hammond and Jordan fight it out, with Parallax on their tails. As Parallax runs off the power of fear, the Green Lanterns form a ring made from yellow, with the head of the Green Lanterns – Thaal Sinestro (Mark Strong) in charge of training Jordan and as well as the ring… with some odd results.

If you’re expecting some sparkling one-liners and humour that Reynolds is known for, think again. The Green Lantern starts off promising, but the only joke is the line that is mentioned within the first 2 minutes of the movie introducing Hal to the audience. The special effects are amazing, looking very polished and extremely pricey, but the film overall is lacking substance. There have been many delays with distribution of the film overseas, with the film only being released in the US so far, but there is a hint that there will be a sequel made… I just won’t tell you how.

[xrr rating=3/5]

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