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Gotye Gets Covered

Australian artist Gotye’s surprise hit, while popular, gets the ultimate cover.



Once you hit new highs with a chart topping song on both Government and Commercial radio, dominating the Australian Recording Industry Awards (ARIAs) and being the target of many video parodies on YouTube, where do you from there?

Australian muso Gotye has reached new heights with his 2011 hit song Somebody That I Used To Know, with singer Kimbra joining the party as the female sidekick for the tune. With the original tune hitting over 35 million views since July 2011, the popularity has been astounding.

With parodies being posted on YouTube, you’d think that the exposure would wear off. Bring in independent Canadian band Walk Off The Earth, rejunvenating a tune that had nearly run its course. But what makes this fantastic is that it’s a delicious cover. 5 people – 1 acoustic guitar. Drums, bass, xylophone, and vocals – all in one shot.

Even Kimbra has mentioned that she’s stoked by the response.

Once you’ve finished being mesmerised by this epic video, you can easily see how 99.9% accurate the performance was with a video by video comparison of the tune. Only works if you have stereo speakers that are halfway decent.

Mind = blown.

Check out Walk Off The Earth’s official site here.

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