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Got the Fever

Santo, Sam & Ed are sacrificing 32 days of sleep for the rest of us.



I’m not a huge sports fan, other than Roy and HG Nelson turning sport into pure champagne comedy, The Late Show’s Santo Cilauro, Sam Pang, and Ed Kavalee are dusting off the soccer/football jerseys and are bringing Australia World Cup Fever.

While the world calls the game football, I continue to call it soccer. Santo, Sam and Ed will be covering all 32 days of the World Cup, with lack of sleep, and zany humour which develops when you’ve stayed awake for too long.

From someone who knows nothing about the game, it’s downright funny. Santo is on the verge of his “The Colonel” persona from The Late Show, with Ed being his cheeky self from the Get This days, and Sam holding it all together.

You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and watch episodes on the SBS site.

EDIT: It helps if I include the details. 8:30pm daily on SBS. Repeated 11pm daily on SBS2.

Even the odd sketch appears…

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