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Go Hiking With Kevin Nealon

Take a walk with the former SNL star and friends. It’s just like eavesdropping.



One of the coolest things about celebrities having an online presence is that they aren’t restricted to studio walls of their work. Plus, we get to see a different insight into their lives, instead of envisioning a party hang-out they describe from their past in the biography you’re reading of theirs, right now.

Thanks to modern day tech-savvyness and the will to create new and fresh content – plus YouTube – we’re now seeing more and more stars creating their own online shows, from sketch comedy to chat shows which are borderline uncensored. The restrictions aren’t simply relying on cable channels or radio stations playing a networked program.

A new contender to add to the ever-growing list of shows is Saturday Night Live alumni and movie star Kevin Nealon, who has taken a different approach to a stock standard chat show. Just to show how much he is ‘one with the world’ with rawness and friendship, he takes his GoPro with him on hikes through the Los Angeles canyon, with his mates tag along.

Hiking With Kevin is nothing extremely flash, but we see his friends and stars having an extremely stripped back and raw chat, while huffing and puffing up the footpaths of the Los Angeles nature reserves, while burning calories at the same time.

Hiking With Kevin is only a couple of months old, but the concept is fantastic. Already, guests have included Adam SandlerMatthew Modine, Cheryl Hines and many more to come.

Get up close and personal, just don’t smell the body odour.

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