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GF4 – Sooner Or Later (1994)

Could a quintet pop group survive as a quartet after a hasty exit from a prominent member?



From 1991 to 1993, an Australian five-piece female pop group dominated all the tween magazines and cassette tape players. The group consisting of Robyn Loau, Melanie Alexander, Rindy Noble, Siobhann Heidenreich and Jacqui Cowell were known as Girlfriend.

During their life-cycle, Girlfriend had 7 chart hits, ranging from Take It From Me to Wishing on the Same Star. In 1994, Loau parted ways with the group to pursue a solo career. So the group went under a revamp as GF4 and released the single Sooner Or Later the same year.

Sooner Or Later entered the ARIA charts in late October at Number 33, reaching as high at Number 11 – staying in the charts long enough for 13 weeks, where it dropped out early February 1995.

Their second single under the GF4 banner Need Love (To Make The Sex Right) did not fare as well, and the quartet dissolved – with no new releases.

The CD single itself was one of the first few that was an interactive CD-ROM which you could put into your PC / MAC to view special features. In this case, it was a behind-the-scenes featurette of the song and music clip.

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