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Get More Avengers Endgame Pop Vinyl

A new wave of the world’s mightiest heroes get more standees.



It’s the series that all the geeks can’t get enough of. If you haven’t got every single bit of merchandise of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, a new edition of Funko Pop Vinyl is coming for The Avengers.

You can now have new style figurines of a Mjölnir welding Captain America, a stern-looking Captain Marvel, a leggy Iron Spider, a non-dabbing Professor Hulk, a half-cooked Thanos, a Game-playing Korg and a pizza-eating Thor judging you from the shelf while you consume junk food while binging on Endgame on blu-ray the 50th time.

Start saving up your coins now, or tap into the Tony Stark trust fund. He won’t be needing it… pre-order here as they come out December 2019.

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