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Fisher and Paykel – Lovely Day (1994)

How do you sell whitegoods? Use a catchy tune.



In the days before the internet and going viral, a commercial needed a simple catchphrase or catchy jingle.

Bring in New Zealand whitegoods manufacturer Fisher & Paykel. Specialising in dishwashers, clothes washers, fridges and a lot more, a reworked version of the of Ella Fitzgerald classic It’s A Lovely Day Today and a cliche family who are getting ready for a children’s choir while using Fisher & Paykel‘s products – and you have a classic earworm.

The campaign ran for a few years, with a refreshed version in 1997.

So popular was the original commercial, sketch comedy show Full Frontal lampooned the performance in the final episode of Season Two.

Commercial send-up: from 1m 8s
Musical Performance: skip to 42m 39s

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