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Enjoy a Time Capsule from 1988

A bunch of school kids want to show you what life was like in 1988.



NSW Premier Nick Greiner from 1988. Source: YouTube

A bunch of school kids want to show you what life was like in 1988.
A common school project past time is creating a time capsule with your classmates, whether it’s your graduation, or celebrating a major anniversary.

In 1988, Australia celebrated 200 years since the First Fleet arrived from the U.K. with a bunch of convicts and settled on the land. Nowadays, it’s labelled by the Generation Y and Millennials as ‘Invasion Day’. I’ll let you Google the history on all of that so there’s no preachy political agenda behind this article. In the same year, a whole bunch of schools would’ve made time capsule videos or storage boxes containing significant articles, video, photos, books, clothing and other bibs and bobs to highlight the Australian life of 1988 and beforehand.

In this video, the students at St. Kevins School Eastwood, NSW, produced a motion picture capsule in riveting amusement. Talking about music, movies, television, physical activities, sport, technology, transport, cities, lifestyle and entertainment. That’s just the beginning.

The singing budgie Kylie Minogue was dominating the charts with Locomotion and John Farnham made a comeback since the 1960s. Michael Jackson was the king of pop soft drinks. Neighbours and Home & Away was the number 1 and 2 choice of school kids for best TV show. VCRs and chunky mobile phones were the ultimate in technology.

The Sydney Monorail was around. The MONORAIL!

There’s even a highlights reel from World Expo ’88, which was hosted in Brisbane, QLD.

The video was meant to be sealed up for the people of the year 2088, but it doesn’t hurt to watch it three decades years later…

Included in the motion picture length video are commercials which appear to have sponsored the program, such as PepsiCo, and messages from then Prime Minister Bob Hawke, NSW Premier Nick Greiner, and other significant members of the public.

Do you have any time capsule videos floating around from yesteryear? Post a YouTube link below.