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Eminem smacks down a medley on SNL

Marshall Mathers shows some maturity and passion in a live performance on iconic sketch comedy show.



BOOM! *mic drop* – and he hasn’t even finished the performance.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Eminem, other than appearing in the background as producing other songs or during duets with other artists. But on Saturday 18th, Eminem appeared as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, with guest host Chance The Rapper.

Co-Producer Skylar Grey joined Eminem on the Studio 8H stage to perform his new single Walk On Water – replacing Beyonce as the duet singer of the new track. Towards the end, he breaks into his hits, 2000’s Stan, and 2012’s Love The Way You Lie, bringing the audience to a loud roar of applause.

While the episode has been broadcasted in the U.S. already, you can catch the Australian screening 7:30pm Saturday November 25, The Comedy Channel on Foxtel.

Eminem‘s new LP Revival is out soon.

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