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Cory Bernardi’s Slip of the Pun

The Australian Conservative Party leader sure has a way with words.



Australian Conservative Party leader and staunch anti-LBGTQI marriage person Cory Bernardi sure has a way with words.

Just a day after the announcement of 61.6% of the 12 millions Australians that voted “YES” for same sex marriage to be recognised in law, Liberal MP Christopher Pyne‘s Twitter account was apparently hacked overnight, with a series of “Likes” of tweets showing gay pornography under the @cpyne account. Pyne was very prompt to announce that clearly was not him:

The National Press Gallery went straight on the prowl for any Member of Parliament to get their thoughts on the debacle that has happened, with one ABC News journalist cornering Bernardi as he walked out the door. Usually it’s the simple spool of “there should be an enquiry”, but Bernardi had a certain way with words, which you can simply see the ‘lightbulb’ moment appear on the top of his noggin, before he smirks and runs to his driver’s car.


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