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Colbert praises Australia’s SSM vote

… and discovers the joy that is, Bob Katter.



… and discovers the joy that is, Bob Katter.

While the news spread far and wide that our lovely little continent called Australia finally announced it’s on its way to support same sex marriage (just need to get it through one little hurdle though), we’re now starting to receive pats on our backs to start joining the cool kids club. Just like the United States.

And Brazil. And United Kingdom. And France. And Germany. And Iceland… etc…

But now, the while we’re under the microscope on why it’s taken us so long, U.S. talk show host and comedian Stephen Colbert has praised our latest effort, but along the way – he’s discovered Australia’s favourite cowboy hat wearing nutbag QLD MP Bob Katter.

Katter is known to be a very out-spoken anti-SSM person, who has the hallmarks of Grampa Simpson’s mannerisms. So his recent ramblings of “moving onwards and upwards, as I have other priorities” have found Colbert’s attention, in which he presented Katter’s bumbling lips to the U.S.

The rest, is stereotyping history.

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