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Carson – Boogie (1972)

A toe-tappin’ blues tune that is under appreciated.



A toe-tappin’ blues tune that is under appreciated.

Originally formed in 1970 in Melbourne, the four piece blues rock / boogie band were known in their early days as Carson County Band, but dropped ‘County Band’ by the end of their first year due to unintentional name associations with country music.

Carson were a highly popular Australian blues group of the early 70s era, with a cult following and a strong presence as a live band. Their debut album in 1972 titled Blown reached number 14 in the music charts, and their 10 minute 56 second length single Boogie (which is Parts 1 and 2 joined together) gained traction, reaching number 30 on the singles charts.

Carson even performed at the Sunbury Pop/Rock Festival in 1973, but after numerous band member changes over their lifespan, the group eventually went their separate ways.

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