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Cameron Daddo – Fifteen Minutes Of Fame (1993)



The oldest of the Daddo brothers tames his country music side.camerondaddo15minoffametitFresh and hot off the heels from his stint in the U.S. TV series Models Inc., Cameron Daddo expanded his CV by going down the musical path, under the country music wing.

The tune Fifteen Minutes Of Fame nearly summarises his career path at the time – he’s already made a name for himself after replacing Greg Evans as host for the dating show Perfect Match, starred in a few telemovies and started to make a name for himself in the U.S…. so it was a natural path to take. Belting out a tune with a ‘Nashville twang’.

The track was featured as a bonus track on the Models Inc. soundtrack, and the single reached Number 86 on the Australian music charts.

Startling stuff…

However, the tune was so cliche, ABC’s The Late Show took the piss out of it, with Rob Sitch donning a bad wig and re-wrote the tune. Stay tuned to the end of the video where Cameron Daddo himself makes a cameo.

Daddo is still releasing music, such as 2011 album Ten Songs… And Change, as well as 2016’s Songs From The Shed.

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