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Bruce Samazan – One Of A Kind (1993)

Riding the waves of E Street, soap star Bruce Samazan releases a track that’s.. unique..



Riding the waves of E Street, soap star Bruce Samazan releases a track that’s.. unique..


It’s mid 1993, and the interest in Channel 10’s soap E Street is dwindling. Do you ride the wave until it crashes, or jump ship and release a rap song?

That’s what Bruce Samazan did.

In a time where soap stars cash in on their popularity and try to make the transition from TV to music, heartthrob Samazan released a slow rap ballad One Of A Kind. A non-offensive track designed to make the teen girls swoon and peak some type of love interest in a TV hunk.

While the tune didn’t set the world on fire, it’s mildly entertaining to see a bunch of his mates jamming away on the beach, with former Teen Queen Kellie Hoggart in tow. One Of A Kind reached as high as Number 80 on the ARIA charts, and was never heard of again.

The song that is, not Samazan.


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