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Big Brother Australia House rots away

The infamous building is far from what it used to be.



The building from one of Australia’s earliest reality TV shows is a former skeleton of itself.

From 2001 to 2014, millions of Australians watched 14 – 24 people put their hand up to live in a house full of cameras and screened on commercial television, all for a big cash prize and 15 minutes of fame. Most of the viewers checked it out for tits and arse.

Big Brother originally screened on Channel 10 from 2001 to 2008 (including the often forgotten Celebrity Big Brother of 2002) and on Channel 9 from 2012 to 2014. Located in the heart of Dreamworld theme park on the Gold Coast in Coomera, the house itself was opened for visitor tourism in-between seasons and had many facelifts.

Located at the Dreamworld theme park, Gold Coast – roughly 10 minute walk from the Giant Drop ride.

While the house remains on private property, Urban explorer YouTuber MuiTube gained access to see how far the house has come – not very far at all. Since the show has not been renewed since the 2014 wrap-up, there’s no point in maintaining the security-camera-hole-laden architectural structure.

Yikes… so much for keeping it ‘in a condition to make it readily available for another series‘.

If you realllllly want to dive deeper into the rabbit hole, there’s a whole bunch of bootleg seasons on YouTube if you do some light searching.

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