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Be a Q&A Moderator and get paid for it

You have the #Power…..!



Could this be the most entertaining gig around?

While Sunday is the Day of the Sabbath, Monday is the day of the day of the Opinionated Hashtag for the conversation starter Q&A.

Hosted by Tony Jones, Q&A is the one-hour show where a discussion is held with various people of politics, media, journalism and all walks of public life, sit at a long desk in front of a live studio audience, and vent their beliefs, while the audience either applauds or heckles. Such a ratings winner and water-cooler talk show…

Shown immediately after Media Watch on the ABC on Monday night, Generation Y and the Millennials hop onto the social media bandwagon (mainly Twitter) to rant, express their opinion, and make a cheeky remark that may hopefully end up being flashed on the screen for the nation to see, using the hashtag #QandA. Some tweets are serious, and there are some where they are downright hilarious and end up being scrutinised by the government.

Well, here’s some news for you – the tax-payer funded channel is looking for an ‘Interactivity Moderator’ for the show. Working part-time on a 6 month contract, your role would lead to being paid to filter out the good and bad stuff, just like the description in the advertised role:

You will be responsible for;

  • Providing moderation across social media platforms

  • Contributing to the brand extension of Q&A across multiple platform

  • Providing weekly statistics and review of social media engagement

So, why not be the cool kid on the block and have the power over the trolls – apply online now. You have until 1st February, 2018 to get your application in.

DISCLAIMER: The ABC and Q&A have absolutely nothing to do with this article, nor this site. I just thought it was a great gig to share.

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