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Awkward reactions to crappy Sale Of The Century prizes

When you hear “I’ll take the ‘Home Viewer’ thanks!”, it usually ends up in disappointment.



Oh.. you really shouldn’t have…

From 1980 to 2001, there was a highly popular week-night quiz show on Channel 9 called Sale Of The Century, announced by Ron Neate (1980) and Pete Smith (1980 – 2001).  Hosted by Tony Barber (1980 to 1991) and Glenn Ridge (1991 – 2001),  the hosts would ask a series of questions to a panel of three players, with each correct answer would be rewarded in 5 dollars. During game play, the contestants would have a chance to sacrifice their points to ‘buy’ a prize.

But a popular mini-game during the show was a ‘Pick of the Board’ – a grid consisting of 9 squares, each individually filled with a photo of a celebrity and personalities, and the centre being the ‘Home Viewer’. Randomly placed behind these squares were cash amounts of $5, $10, and $25, while the other six square had a complimentary prize, usually one that is unintentionally pretty useless and disappoint the contestant who has won the said prize.

Here at My Geek Culture, we thought it would be highly entertaining to capture the moments of the contestants who get to select the ‘Pick of the Board’, hoping to get something kick-arse, but are dismayed on the final review.

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