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Aussie bloke skates Mt Panorama, doesn’t stack it

This guy has some balls.



Just another way of promoting Invasion Day – I guess…

While every average Australian person is probably

  • sitting at home with a few brewskis
  • having a pool party and chewing down snags
  • protesting to change the date of the celebration when Australia had the First Fleet arrive from the Motherland…

… you can have your own way of making active on your public holiday. Just like Mitch Thompson.

The young Australian skateboarder who likes to do competitive skating, as well as travelling the globe to ride the wheels, likes to get up to cheeky shit during his downtime.

In this case, in sync with Australia / Invasion Day, Thompson donned the Australian flag as a cape, headed to the highly established racing car track Mount Panorama in Bathurst, and skated from Brock’s Skyline to Concord Straight – with minimal protective gear.

Then proceeds with a ‘thongy’ at the end.

That takes balls.

It would be interesting what speeds Thompson got up to though, as there are speed cameras on the public road and are set for 60kmph.

To see what else Thompson gets up to, you can check out his Facebook page.

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