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Al Jean just went all Evil with The Simpsons




In “What Did I Just Miss On Twitter Today?” news…

With the landmark 30th season of everyone’s favourite yellow-skinned animated family The Simpsons hitting our screens (30 years! Feel oooold!), the usual process of renewal for the show over the last few years is announced with 2 seasons at a time. Season 27 and 28 announcements were made in May 2015, and Season 29 and 30 announcements were in November 2016.

Now it’s 2018. Episode 1 of Season 30 was broadcast less than a week ago, and no official announcement of a Season 31 and 32 has been made yet. Plus, with these announcements, the internet goes wild with their ‘you should’ve cancelled it after Season 10!’ bullshit, but they still secretly watch every episode anyway because The Simpsons are like Pringles chips: once you pop, you can’t stop!

But today – October 5, 2018, long-time Executive Producer Al Jean tweeted out an image of a Simpsons script and some text along with it.

The script is of the long-running special Treehouse of Horror Halloween episodes, which have been in operation since Season 2:

  • Season 1 – no Treehouse of Horror
  • Season 2 – Treehouse of Horror I
  • Season 3 – Treehouse of Horror II

(One, two, miss a few)

  • Season 29 – Treehouse of Horror XXVIII
  • Season 30 – Treehouse of Horror XXIX

Which means Treehouse of Horror XXX will appear in Season 31. But with “Episode 666”, and 640 episodes have been broadcast since the debut screening on December 17, 1989, plus no official tally on how many episodes for Season 30 yet, and the Treehouse of Horror episodes usually broadcast before and/or after Halloween itself, this may mean the following:

  • Season 30 may be 24 episodes long, which will push the broadcast total to 663 episodes at the end of Season 30.
  • The launch date for Season 31 could be October 6, 2019, with episode 666 screening October 20, 2019.

This is all pure speculation, as at the time nothing official has been announced. It could be simply one of the many stockpiled scripts they write in advance in case of a renewal that could happen at any time. But it’s great to see that The Simpsons could continue forever.

The Simpsons Season 30 (and repeats from Season 10 onwards) are currently being shown Wednesdays on 7Mate.

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