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Agro gets educated in Asthma videos

Australia’s favourite talking bathmat gets taught by kids on how to use an asthma puffer in a series of educational movies.



From the early 1980s to mid 1990s, in-between being a tad inappropriate behind-the-scenes hosting a children’s cartoon show, the bathmat turned hand-puppet Agro and his aide Jamie Dunn dominated everything you could slap a face on, merchandise-wise.

At one stage, medico makers Glaxo Australia produced educational videos for children, based on the uncool issue of asthma and using the puffer.

While personally we have not experienced any asthma issues nor used a puffer, the five minute length videos produced around 1995, show a small group of children who are living with the chronic lung disease. Agro hangs out with said-children in comfortable areas – like a sleepover event and a camping site. Here, Agro wants to be educated on how an asthma puffer works and what are the irritating but simple procedures on how to take the medicine.

Now, go take your medicine.

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