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7 News Melbourne gets Fatboy Slim ‘Right Now’

Check it out now… right here.



What happens when you unknowingly repeat a phrase so often, it really becomes repetitive? Get one of your fellow work colleagues to point it out.

On his Twitter account, Channel 7 News Melbourne’s Paul Dowsley threw together a quick montage of fellow news anchors Jacqueline Felgate, Mike Amor, Emily Angwin and Blake Johnson unintentionally saying the same line “Right now…” throughout their bit-to-camera reports, mashed up to the tune of UK musician Fatboy Slim‘s 1998 dance hit Right Here, Right Now.

If you’re not familiar with the original track, enjoy the 3 minute 40 second version here.

And as an added bonus, the sample ‘right here, right now’ is the voice of actor Angela Bassett from the 1995 film ‘Strange Days’.

So… who is up for some news reporters saying some funk soul brother stuff?

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